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Bokksu FAQs

  • About Bokksu

    What is Bokksu?

    Bokksu delivers original assortments of premium Japanese snacks and tea pairings on a monthly subscription basis.

    By becoming a subscriber to Bokksu, you will receive a box of hand-selected snacks each month. Each month you will receive a variety of gourmet snacks and tea that vary from month to month; we carefully curate and handpick the selections to complement that month’s flavors and theme.

    Bokksu is a phonetic spelling of the loan word in Japanese for box (ボックス). Though the romaji spelling is technically bokkusu, the middle ‘u’ is usually glossed over in pronunciation. As our name suggests, we've optimized your box experience to be delightful from receiving the box to unboxing its contents to enjoying the delicious snacks.

    What’s inside the box?

    Classic Bokksu includes an original assortment of 20-25 premium Japanese snacks and a tea pairing curated around a cultural theme. In addition to delicious snacks and tea, you will find a Culture Guide that explains how to best enjoy the items in your box and their craftsmanship stories.

    Tasting Bokksu contains the same high quality thematic curation as Bokksu and a sampling of most or all products. This means that you are not guaranteed to get every product in Classic Bokksu, but you will get most of them. Each Tasting Bokksu includes 10-14 premium Japanese snacks and a tea pairing.

    How are you different from other Japanses snack subscriptions?

    Good question! Other Japanese snack subscription services use mass-produced mainstream snacks that can be readily found in most Asian markets outside of Japan. Bokksu directly sources its artisanal snacks from local snack makers in Japan (some of whom have been around for over 200 years!). We curate only the best, high quality and gourmet snacks, never filler items. We are also the ONLY service that handselects a tea pairing for each box to complement that month's flavors.

    Can I purchase past boxes?

    Thank you for being interested in one of our past boxes! Unfortunately due to limited inventory, we are currently unable to sell past boxes.

    Also, we plan to bring back popular fan favorite snacks in future boxes so if you subscribe to Bokksu now, you'll be sure not to miss any of our future delicious assortments :)

    Are the snacks vegetarian/gluten-free/halal?

    As nutritional information for each snack is different, we cannot guarantee that all snacks in a given box will be gluten-free or halal. 

    Bokksu is following the Merriam-Webster's definition of vegetarian which is the following: a diet not containing meat - consisting wholly of vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and sometimes eggs or dairy products. 

    What nutritional/allergy information do you provide?

    For every snack we translate the common allergens listed on the snack’s packaging.

    These are the 8 common allergens we list as designated by the FDA: Milk, Eggs, Fish, Crustacean shellfish, Tree nuts, Peanuts, Wheat, Soybeans.

    For your benefit, we also mark which snacks are vegetarian, and if the product uses alcohol as an ingredient.

    You can find this information for each snack in the printed Culture Guide included in each Bokksu shipment.

    Can I customize my box for dietary restrictions and food allergies?

    As we are just starting out, and have a limited inventory supply, we currently do not offer the option to customize boxes for certain dietary restrictions or food allergies. We also cannot guarantee the presence or lack of certain allergens in the snack items so please consume the snacks at your own risk with careful attention to any personal health concerns.

    Help! I think my snacks are expired!

    First of all - don't panic! Japan writes their snacks in the YEAR/MONTH/DATE format. We would never sell you expired snacks. If you're worried that your snack has expired, send us a clear photo of the snack along with expiration date to so we can look into it.

  • Bokksu Boxes


    What is the difference between Classic and Tasting Bokksu?

    Classic Bokksu and Tasting Bokksu are both curated around the same theme each month. They have similar assortments, but Classic Bokksu has about double the items of Tasting Bokksu. Tasting Bokksu is a sampling of most or all products of every month's assortment, which means you are not guaranteed to get every product in Classic Bokksu, but you will get most of them. Also, both Classic and Tasting Bokksu always come with a complementary tea pairing and free shipping to the U.S.!

    In terms of the box packaging itself, Classic Bokksu Members receive their snacks and teas in a rigid custom-designed box shipped within a mailer box. Tasting Bokksu Members receive their items in an efficiently custom-designed box that doubles as a mailer box.

    What is the difference between a Subscription Bokksu or Gift Bokksu?

    Our Subscription and Gift boxes contain the same snacks and are shipped in the same manner. They differ by how they are billed.

    Our subscription boxes are billed on an automatically recurring schedule - meaning, they renew when they expire. By purchasing a subscription product, you agree to be billed per the terms of your subscription plan.

    Gift boxes are a one-time payment. You can purchase 1 month, 3-month, or 12-month gifts, and the charge will not renew. When you purchase a multi-month gift, you are prepaying for the number of months you wish to gift, without committing to a renewing subscription plan.

    Please note:  If you see (Billed Every X Months) in the product name on your order confirmation email, you have purchased a renewable subscription and not a non-renewable order. If you need any help with your order, please contact for clarification.

    Can I gift Bokksu?

    Yes. We offer Gift Bokksu plans which are one-time payments. To send someone a Gift Bokksu or to gift a Subscription, simply enter your recipient's shipping address during checkout instead of you own.

    Do you have a vegetarian Bokksu option?

    Thank you for your interest, but we do not offer a Vegetarian Snack Bokksu as a subscription option.

    Bokksu is following the Merriam-Webster's definition of vegetarian which is the following: a diet not containing meat - consisting wholly of vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and sometimes eggs or dairy products.

    Which month’s themes am I being shipped?

    Our subscription cycle operates as a pre-order system. When you place your order, your first box will be the upcoming month’s theme.

    For example, if you place your order during the month of January, the first box you receive will be the February Bokksu.

    What are the sizes of Classic and Tasting Bokksu?

    Classic Bokksu is a rigid gift-style box with separate top and bottom pieces that fit together. Depending on the size of the snacks curated for the month, we either pack the snacks into a 7.5" x 7.5" x 4" or 8.0" x 8.0" x 4" box. This custom-designed beautiful box is then shipped inside a mailer box that is roughly 9" x 9" x 4".

    Tasting Bokksu is an efficiently custom-designed box that doubles as a mailer box. It comes in at about  7" x 7" x 3".

    Can I purchase just one box?

    Sure! If you would like just one box, check out our Gift Bokksu options, where you can purchase an individual box without subscribing.

    Why is my Classic Bokksu Box smaller or bigger than last month?

    We have two sizes of Classic Bokksu boxes (7.5" x 7.5" x 4" and 8.0" x 8.0" x 4") that we use for a certain month's assortment depending on the volume size of the handpicked snacks and teas that month. Rest assured that the quantity and value of products stay consistent month over month. We always curate each month's assortment with the stated goal of 20-25 items in mind.

    My item arrived damaged!

    Oh no that is definitely not what we want to hear. If your item is at all damaged (melted, defective, etc), we ask that you please take a photo immediately and email us at where we can assist you further.
  • Managing Your Subscription

    How do I manage my subscription?

    For any questions on changing your shipping address, skipping shipments, switching sizes or subscriptions, or deactivating your subscription, please email us at and we are happy to help.

    What is your subscription cancellation policy?

    Subscription deactivations must be made at least 1 day prior to your subscription renewal date. If your renewal date is on the 25th of each month, the 24th is the last day to cancel in order to not be billed for next month's shipment.

    Deactivating your subscription only prevents future renewals, it does not cancel existing orders. If you complete the cancellation process after your subscription renews, that renewal will be your last box, and your subscription will not renew in the future.

    Please email us at if you need to cancel your subscription.

  • Shipping

    How much is shipping?

    Good news, shipping is completely free!

    The declared value of each item in a shipment is at most ¥2,000, which should be within the duty free allowance for most countries. However, it is up to you to confirm your country's import regulations as we are not responsible for any custom fees that may incur to receive your shipment. 

    Do you ship internationally?

    Currently, we only ship from Japan to the U.S.

    When does my box or order ship?

    For Classic and Tasting Bokksu orders:

    In order to get your box to you faster, we now ship boxes out on a rolling basis each month within 5 business days of your initial order, and you will receive a shipment notification when your box has shipped. The cutoff date for the upcoming month's box is 11:59pm EST of the last day of the current month.

    However, in certain months, we may sell out early. In those cases, the product description will state that orders will be for the next month's box, which will qualify for Early Shipping for that month's box!

    My box/order has shipped. When will it arrive?

    In order to better serve you, we've upgraded our shipping logistics to Japan and ship using Japan Post, which allows us to now offer Free Shipping! Boxes usually arrive 1-4 weeks after ship date, but please allow up to 6 weeks as there might be local customs or weather delays.

    Because of these possible delays due to weather or postal disruption or customs, we ask you wait at least 6 weeks before you inquire about your lost or missing box. If you receive a letter or message from the post office about your damaged or lost box, feel free to email us ( with a photo of the letter or message so we can get a new one sent out to you right away.

    The final delivery will be made by USPS. 

    What is the cutoff to order next month’s box?

    For Classic and Tasting Bokksu orders:

    11:59pm EST of the last day of the current month is the cutoff date to order the upcoming month's box. Your box ships out within 1 week of your order. 

    However, in certain months, we may sell out early. In those cases, the product description will state that orders will be for the next month's box, which will qualify for Early Shipping!

    Will my box arrive by a specific date?

    We've upgraded our shipping logistics to ship out boxes on a rolling basis throughout the month in order to shorten the time between you placing your order to you receiving your box. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your box or order will arrive by a certain date because our boxes ship directly from Japan and international shipping can be unpredictable.

    If your shipment has not arrived after 6 weeks from the shipping confirmation email, please feel free to contact us at and we will do our best to help.

    Will my box be shipped with tracking?

    For Bokksu Box orders:

    You asked for it, and we answered! We are proud to now offer free shipping with tracking! We are the ONLY Japanese subscription box to offer free tracking on subscription box shipments; how awesome is that?!

    How do I order boxes to ship to different addresses?

    Thank you for wanting to share the Bokksu love with your friends and family! <3

    Because we need a unique shipping address attached to each subscription or gift order, it's currently not possible to order multiple boxes going to different addresses in the same order. Please place a new order for each box that is going to a different address.

    If you need to manage or update your subscriptions, please contact us at

    Will my customs delay my package arriving?

    Before ordering, we recommend you double check any customs regulations that can affect your shipment and cause delays or problems. When items are shipped internationally, every shipment must go through customs. This may cause a slight delay for arrival of your shipment. After customs clears your package, it will be set to be delivered within your local post office!
  • Tracking

    I checked my tracking number. Why hasn’t my package moved?

    While we wish we could speed up how fast you get your package, we unfortunately cannot control any delays that might happen while your Bokksu is in transit!

    All packages are subject to customs inspection. Once your package arrives in the destination country, customs will inspect the package. We do not have any control when they will release the package. Keep an eye on your tracking information to watch it's journey and see when its released!

    My package was marked as delivered but it’s not here!

    It is very common for there to be a lag in time from when the parcel is marked as "delivered" and when it actually arrives. Sometimes, they will mark an item as delivered and it won't arrive until 3-4 days later at the worst case - 1 week later.

    If your package does not arrive within 3-5 days of being marked as delivered, we ask that you contact your local post office first and then contact us at us so we can proceed with the next steps!

    What does “retention” mean on my tracking status?

    If your tracking has "Retention" status under the shipping tracking record column, it is either being held at customs for inspection or the package was delivered and no one was there to receive it. You (or the recipient) should have received a slip from the postal carrier with instructions on how to retrieve the package. If you did not receive a slip, there is a chance the package is still at customs for inspection and you may need to wait a few days for it to clear customs. We also recommend you contact your local post office as soon as possible so you can resolve the issue.

    Please note that Bokksu cannot control how long customs may detain or when they release a package.

    What does “Arrival at Collection Point” mean?

    If your tracking says: "Item arrival at collection point for pick-up" that means your parcel is ready for pickup at the local post office branch. We recommend that you contact your local post office immediately or your item will be shipped back to us!

    Please contact your local post office to get more information about the delivery.

    My tracking says my package is at the post office. Do I need to go pick it up?

    If you see "Item Arrival At Collection Point" on your tracking please go to your local post office ASAP with your tracking number and valid photo ID.

    If you do not know where your local post office is, please call the main post office hub help line to determine where your item is being held at.

    If you do not do this within a certain time frame, your package will be shipped back to Japan.

  • Billing

    When will my subscription be billed?

    Your first bill will be when you complete checkout. Your subscription will then renew on the same date 1, 3, or 12-months from the original purchase date depending on your subscription payment plan.

    If you need to know your renewal date, please email us at

    What is your refund policy?

    Because the artisanal, gourmet snacks we curate are perishable and sometimes have short shelf lives, all items/boxes are final and non-refundable. We do not accept returned orders/items.

    We require that subscriptions be deactivated prior to renewal date if you do not wish to be charged for future boxes. Subscription renewals are non-refundable.

    If your order has been delayed and hasn't arrived from within 6-8 weeks from the ship date, please reach out to Missing or lost orders must be reported within 10 weeks from the shipping confirmation date to be eligible for reimbursement.

    Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. If you encounter any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us at for assistance.

    What happens if I’m charged custom taxes or fees?

    Each country has their own laws and regulations when it comes to processing shipments from other countries. If customs charges fees or taxes charges do occur, you are 100% responsible for the fees. Bokksu is not responsible for customs charges or taxes that you may be charged upon delivery. Customs tax is charged by the U.S. Government and Bokksu does not have control if you are charged import taxes.

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Size Bust Waist Hips
xs 35-37" 27" 37"
s 36" 28" 38"
m 37" 30" 39"
l 38.5" 31.5" 40"
xl 40" 33" 41.5"
xxl 41.5" 34.5" 43"
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Size Guide


Using a soft measuring tape, measure the length of your torso from your shoulder (where a bra strap typically lands) to between your legs (where the inseam of your pant legs meet). If you are over 30" you might prefer Andie long torso fit.


Stand naturally. Using a soft measuring tape, measure around the fullest part of your bust.


Bend to one side to find the natural crease in your waist. Stand up straight and measure around from that point all the way around your body.


Put your heels together. Measure around the fullest part of your hips and bottom (typically it's a bit lower than hip bone, but every body is unique!)



Compressive lining
Four-way stretch expands to fit your curves comfortably and hug your smallest measurements
Supportive all around, for a secure fit feeling
Expands slightly in water -- great fabric for wearing in and out of water



Compressive lining with self rib that is more expandable
Four way stretch expands to fit your curves comfortably and hug your smallest measurements
Super flattering with texture stripe elongating and lengthening



Compressive lining with ultra thin and fast drying mesh self
Stretchy and light
The mesh fabric camouflages bulges, creates a smooth silhouette for the most flattering and athletic look
Quick drying!


If your torso is 30” or over, we recommend trying a long torso fit.

Using a soft measuring tape, measure the length of your torso from your shoulder (where a bra strap typically lands) to between your legs (where the inseam of your pant legs meet)

Some women know that they have a long torso because one piece swimsuits tend to ride up or dig into the shoulders, or even feel too deeply scooped in the bust. If you are often adjusting the length of the suit (tugging and shifting) you may be a long torso fit!