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  • General

    Who are you?

    We’re a community-minded marketplace that believes it should be easy and fun to peruse a bunch of beautiful things in one place. We curate established brands you know and love with emerging brands you’re eager to meet.

    How do I contact BZR?

    You can email us anytime at

    What are your customer service hours of operation?

    We’re available to help from Monday to Friday, 9AM5PM Eastern.

  • Shipping

    Where do you ship?

    Anywhere in the United States, though some products are limited to the contiguous 48 states.

    How much is shipping?

    Shipping is free for all one-time orders over $35. For one-time orders under $35 we provide a flat rate of $5 shipping. For subscription shipping policies, please see the individual brand FAQs.

    Can I return or exchange my purchase if I don’t like it?

    Almost always—please consult the brand FAQ for their specific policies.

    I received a damaged product. What should I do?

    Bummer! Please email us at and we’ll sort it out.

    My return has been incorrectly refunded. What should I do?

    Weird. Email us at and we’ll figure out what happened.

  • Orders

    What forms of payment do you accept?

    All major credit and debit cards. We also accept PayPal and Apple Pay!

    How do I track my order?

    Log into your account at

    How can I cancel my order?

    If your order has already shipped, it may not be possible to cancel. But email us at and we’ll help to the best of our ability.

    Will you charge sales tax on my order?

    Depending on the product and your address, you may be subject to sales tax.

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Size Guide


If your torso is 30” or over, we recommend trying a long torso fit.

Using a soft measuring tape, measure the length of your torso from your shoulder (where a bra strap typically lands) to between your legs (where the inseam of your pant legs meet)

Some women know that they have a long torso because one piece swimsuits tend to ride up or dig into the shoulders, or even feel too deeply scooped in the bust. If you are often adjusting the length of the suit (tugging and shifting) you may be a long torso fit!