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  • Why We Made This

    Scoop in the front, drama in the back. The Ibiza has just the right amount of plunge to keep you feeling comfortable + confident all day long. Don't stress about your beach look and dive into your beach book.

  • Features

    removable soft cups • medium seat coverage

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Size Guide


If your torso is 30” or over, we recommend trying a long torso fit.

Using a soft measuring tape, measure the length of your torso from your shoulder (where a bra strap typically lands) to between your legs (where the inseam of your pant legs meet)

Some women know that they have a long torso because one piece swimsuits tend to ride up or dig into the shoulders, or even feel too deeply scooped in the bust. If you are often adjusting the length of the suit (tugging and shifting) you may be a long torso fit!